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Anthropologist at the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland, the Centre for Arctic Social Studies at the European University at Saint Petersburg and the Centre of Arctic and Siberian Exploration at the Sociological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Yuri Vella (Yuri Kylevich Aivaseda) passed away

My most important teacher and great friend passed away. I am with my thoughts and heart now in the village of Variogan and at the Tiuitiakha river settlement in Western Siberia. It was hard at the first moment but how … Continue reading

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Report of my travel to the Kanin reindeer herders in March 2013.

As I said in my previous blog entries on my stay in Arkhangelsk and Pinega, I was not able to get the border permission in time. On hearing this I decided to visit the reindeer herders outside the border zone … Continue reading

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Summer on the Kanin Peninsula

As promised I am giving a short report about my summer experiences with the reindeer herders on the Kanin peninsula before telling you about my visit to their camps this winter. It was quite difficult to reach the Kanin peninsula … Continue reading

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Late Winter in Arkhangelsk and Pinega

After the month I spent with the reindeer herder on the Kanin peninsula in summer (I will give an overview in the next post), my plan was to visit them at their winter pastures in the Arkhangelsk region some hundreds … Continue reading

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Communicating with the camera

After the long interviews that in some cases went over hours and hours I usually tell my interlocutors, that I want to take a picture of them, that I need a portrait for my work. The first reaction is in … Continue reading

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Stalina, Oktyabrina, Vertоlina

Openness to innovations is an important character-trait of the Nenets reindeer herders and sometimes the mixture of modernity and traditionalism goes against all expectations. The first of the elders of Khongurei I got the chance to interview was Stalina Yakovlevna … Continue reading

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Collecting oral history in the village

First I took Julia Taleeva to help me to get acquainted with some of the elders in the village of Khongurei. First we went to Julia’s aunt, Aleksandra Germogenovna Taleeva, the oldest woman here, born in 1927. I usually start … Continue reading

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