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My Siberian friend, the reindeer herder Iosif Nikitovich Kechimov has died

He was one of the respected elders of the Khanty community at the Tromagan River. His friends and relatives buried him on 3rd June 2016. I first met Iosif Kechimov almost 17 years ago to ask him, if he and … Continue reading

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The Khanty Bear Feast revisited

I have visited the Western Siberian Khanty in the vicinity of the oil towns in the Surgut region for twenty years now. Never could I have imagined I would see a performance of the famous Khanty Bear Ceremony documented thirty … Continue reading

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“Before the Snow” online

Together with photographer and film-maker Christian Vagt I visited Khanty and Nenets friends in Siberia in 2007. Now the result is online as a short film. For the indigenous Khanty and Nenets in the block houses and nomad tents near … Continue reading

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Communicating with the camera

After the long interviews that in some cases went over hours and hours I usually tell my interlocutors, that I want to take a picture of them, that I need a portrait for my work. The first reaction is in … Continue reading

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