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Khanty Activists’ Travel to Lapland (2)

(see the first part of the travelogue in the previous post) After departing from Inari, we (Agrafena Sopochin, Marija Launonen and me) headed up North to meet the writer Kirste Paltto at her place north of Karigasniemi at the River … Continue reading

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Khanty Activists’ Travel to Lapland (1)

In this blog entry, I want to tell the story of a wonderful journey I made recently with my friend and colleague Agrafena Semjonovna Sopochina and her daughter Marija Launonen through northern Finland and Norway, to Tallinn and to St. … Continue reading

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If you want to have reindeer – a trilingual book with poems of Yuri Vella made by Anne Bouin

Some days ago, I received a book. My friend Eva Toulouze gave it to me in Paris to take it with me in autumn, when I will travel to Siberia. I’ll have to give it to the family of the … Continue reading

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Report of my travel to the Kanin reindeer herders in March 2013.

As I said in my previous blog entries on my stay in Arkhangelsk and Pinega, I was not able to get the border permission in time. On hearing this I decided to visit the reindeer herders outside the border zone … Continue reading

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Communicating with the camera

After the long interviews that in some cases went over hours and hours I usually tell my interlocutors, that I want to take a picture of them, that I need a portrait for my work. The first reaction is in … Continue reading

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